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Katelyn Davis Named Top Social Media Reporter

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Today I was named Top Social Media Reporter by Ragan Communications at their annual Social Media for Public Relations and Corporate Communications conference in Buena Vista, Florida. 

The award was presented to me by President & CEO Mark Ragan for my extensive coverage of the conference and its speakers in real-time and across multiple social media platforms.

I pride myself on my comprehensive coverage of industry events, tech shows, and conferences though live tweeting, which is just something that comes naturally to me. So being already confident with my ability to drill down the presentations into 140 character "sound bites" that are tweetable in real time, I decided to add real-time blogging into the mix for covering this conference.

The idea of writing comprehensive and useful blogs on each presentation and speaker at the conference that will have value to people that did not attend seemed daunting. However, ignoring the doubts in my head, I set a goal for myself to publish one blog within 10 minutes after each presentation for two solid days. 

And I succeeded.

Not only did I live tweet noteworthy quotes throughout the day on Twitter to my followers promoting the conference and educating them on the practices we were learning, I also successfully wrote and published at least one blog article per presentation within minutes after that speaker left the stage on subjects like Challenges Implementing an Internal Enterprise Social Network, How Engaged Employees Affect Your Corporation, and Four Ways for Corporate Social Media and Corporate Legal to Live Harmoniously Together. On top of that I was also cross-promoting links to the blogs across the internet including Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook for maximum exposure.

Over the course of the conference, my tweets and blog articles were shared dozens of times, reaching thousands of people across the country and maybe even around the world.