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Katelyn Davis, Ford Motor Company Win Most Improved Digital Publication Design

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I'm very proud and excited to announce that myself, along with my Ford Compensation and Benefits team, have been awarded Ragan Communication's Most Improved Digital Publication Design Award for our reinvention of Ford's Benefits & Enrollment eGuide for the 2016 benefits year.

The Benefits & Enrollment eGuide, which is accessible outside the company firewall on desktop and mobile devices, provides a one-stop shop for benefits information from wherever employees (or the family members responsible for decisions) happen to be. From the doctors office to the dining table, the eGuide is conveniently at the fingertips of all Ford's 28,000 salaried employees.

This award comes on the heels of our win last year for Best Benefits Communication for the 2015 edition of the Benefits eGuide, in which we produced the first ever digital version of the a guide for Annual Enrollment. However instead of coasting on our success, we challenged ourselves to create something even better for the 2016 benefits year.

As added improvements, the eGuide features tabs employees can click to seamlessly move through the materials in an intuitive manner that seems natural and familiar even to the most novice user. A custom domain, www.fordeguide.com, was also added so employees can quickly access the eGuide. In addition to the Annual Enrollment information that was used in the previous version, the newly redesigned 2016 eGuide includes a broad range of benefits information to provide a year-round resource including new hire information, voluntary benefits, and retirement preparation.

Additionally, we added a short, yet informational, Annual Enrollment video to the eGuide which provides employees with a quick overview of the Annual Enrollment profess while providing a bit of entertainment to the viewer. By adding this video Ford was able to cut the Human Resources site visits, known as Benefits Roadshows, in which employees were given presentations on their healthcare benefits and the enrollment process. For the 2015 Annual Enrollment period, HR hosted 80 benefits roadshows at 23 U. S. locations, however fewer than 3,000 employees attended the roadshows—meaning only 10% of eligible employees attended the presentations. These roadshows were a high cost for travel and accommodations, plus were a large time commitment during a very hectic part of the year. 


Through these improvements our team team achieved some impressive results with our new approach to the eGuide:

  • 3,000 fewer Annual Enrollment information request calls made to the call center than in 2015, a 16% decrease from the previous year
  • 47,500 web hits to the 2016 Benefits and Enrollment eGuide
  • 22,500 views to the 2016 Annual Enrollment educational video

Recognized for our outstanding work in improving and already award-winning publication into something better, Ragan's 2015 Employee Communications Award for Most Improved Digital Publication was awarded to Ford Motor Company. Congratulations to Catherine Biondi (Ford), Kathleen Hurt (Ford), and Katelyn Davis (Team Detroit), along with our counterparts at Xerox.

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