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Katelyn Davis, Ford Motor Company Win Best HR Communication Video

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I'm very proud and excited to announce that myself, along with my Ford Compensation and Benefits team, have been awarded by Ragan Communication with PR Daily's Best Human Resource Communication Video Award for our creation of Ford Motor Company's Navigating Annual Enrollment.

The Navigating Annual Enrollment video was created to reach Ford's more than 27,000 employees during the 14-day open enrollment period for health care and benefits. The video's sole purpose is to educate and entertain - edutainment.

Communicators have a hard time making employees sit up and pay attention to benefits news. And annual enrollment is one of the toughest nuts to crack, filled with officious-sounding plan names and bureaucracy-inspired jargon. Employees who don’t pay attention during the enrollment period often wind up with irrevocable problems during the year.

By developing a short video, that’s taken first place in the “Human Resources Video” category of PR Daily’s 2015 Video Awards, Ford used simple but expert animation that was highly appropriate to an automotive manufacturer: a road trip.

The video’s approach was conceived to replace prior years’ longer in-person presentation sessions that attracted only 11% of Ford's U.S. salaried employees covered by Ford’s benefits plans. The Navigating Annual Enrollment video was accessed more than 22,500 times during the two-week enrollment period — an astounding 83% of the targeted population.

Navigating Annual Enrollment was designed to serve as a companion piece to Ford’s award-winning Benefits and Enrollment eGuide. It was developed and written by the Ford Compensation and Benefits Communications team and produced by Team Detroit, Ford’s marketing and communications agency. 

Representatives for Ragan describes Navigating Annual Enrollment as an "effective video dealing with a traditionally yawn-inducing topic on a tight budget."